The Level

Multi-Family Condominium
Calgary, AB
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Located in Southeast Calgary in a community know as "The Core outside The Core", The Level is a comprehensive multifamily development consisting of 158 units. This project consists of 141,676 gross square feet contained within two (2) apartment buildings.

Terrace Management Group was engaged for owners representation services to review the Plans and Specifications of this project, provide Construction Analysis/Monitoring services and a complete Closeout Review on behalf of our client.

We are so pleased to be considered for this work and believe this project has turned out well for all parties. We appreciate the opportunities given to assist.

Need Anything Else?

Through our years of experience, Terrace Management Group has utilized reputable industry relationships to collaborate on behalf of our clients’ to provide additional solutions. These can include Design, Engineering and Building Disciplines, Inspection Reports, Landscape Architecture, Condominium Planning & Management, and more.