About Us

We are a consulting firm that specializes in providing planning and management solutions for our clients. We can assist in helping you to understand the complexity of leading projects, collaborating as a member of a project team, or demonstrating the expertise required to execute any project or program.

Terrace Management Group Inc.

A full-service firm that has provided diverse management solutions within the commercial, residential and land development industries since 2008. We believe in a collaborative, highly relational, process-oriented approach to our work. This encourages open conversation with clients to align their organization and stakeholders with their projects. We help our clients make the best decisions for their organizations; from ideation to completion.Our success has grown from direct involvement in planning to design and development of housing subdivisions, land packages, multi-family developments, renovations, and new ground up construction. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand the complexity of leading projects, collaborating as a member of a project team, or demonstrating the expertise required to execute any project or program. Our approach is through systematic evaluation, open communication, utilizing our proven process to transform our client’s vision to reality.

Brian Trevlyan

Being connected to both the Multi-Family and Commercial industries for the past 25 years has given me a deep appreciation for those who take development risks. I am thankful for the trust leaders and asset owners have placed in me to manage their portfolios of nearly $950M in construction projects. It is my privilege to be in a relationship with our clients and build their trust in our company.

Areas of Focus

Our work spans across three distinct areas of focus which outline specialized services at a deeper level.


Risk Mitigation

We believe in risk mitigation rather than risk transfer; this ensures every completed project represents the best value for our clients.

Project Planning

Project planning gives our clients the opportunity for input to identify any known risks, and dive deeper to uncover future challenges. Our experience has shown projects that have a comprehensive plan, will require less time and money to deal with unknowns that surface throughout their duration. As part of our plan, our team leans on our industry experience of past projects to share mitigation strategies to both expedite and reduce project risk

Project Feasibility And Budget Management

Every market is better understood when shareholders can see the financial performance of each project. Through the development of project budgets, our team leverages trade relationships to provide the best value for our clients. We are then able to create a performance-based Performa for review with our clients to help them better understand the financial return/feasibility of every opportunity.

Financial Reporting

As a project progresses through initial stages of development administratively through to completion, our team is prepared to report on the financial performance regularly. We review project actuals comparing them to the budget, then communicate this forward to our clients at intervals set and agreed to by all parties.

Construction Management

We provide a transparent, hands-on approach, while providing high-quality service and navigating our clients through the many stages of construction and development.

General Contracting And/Or Project Management

Our team manages all elements of commercial and residential construction such as new builds, renovations and site improvements. Hands-on knowledge helps successfully navigate clients through the many stages of construction and development.

Contract Management

Our ability to work with external contractors allows every project to fall within the designated timelines while ensuring all guidelines are clearly understood. We will work with consultants to ensure quote or tender documents are properly drafted, reviewed together then executed with all parties. Any qualification requirements, performance or material bonding that is noted will be managed at this level.

Project Design

Our team works with Owners through the project planning process by taking a leading role with the Architectural & Engineering team to prepare staged designs (up to and including IFT plans). By taking direct control over the design process in exchange for a collaborative role as a Bridging Consultant, we can meet the performance requirements set out by the owners or stakeholders.

Forward-Facing Communication

We believe the success of an organization is based on their ability to communicate forward to those who may intersect with their business

Public Consultation

Through multiple community consultations involving both public and private stakeholders, assures clients that their reputation and image will be positively portrayed while vision and objectives are met.

Zoning And Municipal Approvals

We continue to develop new relationships that facilitate growth into new markets and maintain strong relationships with local municipalities. Strong relationships provide opportunities for clients to understand pending issues with any development, openly discuss development approvals and review zoning for upcoming projects.

Sales And Marketing

Connecting with the builder and developer community has given opportunity for marginal projects to become exceptional. We create and implement marketing strategies that have connected builders, business owners and investors to the vision of their projects which has dramatically increased the sales velocity and project performance.


Need Anything Else?

Through our years of experience, Terrace Management Group has utilized reputable industry relationships to collaborate on behalf of our clients’ to provide additional solutions. These can include Design, Engineering and Building Disciplines, Inspection Reports, Landscape Architecture, Condominium Planning & Management, and more.