Erindale Condominium

Multi-Family Condominium
Edmonton, AB
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Erindale Condominiums is located in the established community of La Perle, West Edmonton. This owned condominium is comprised of one L-shape 4-storey residential condominium building consisting of 54 units and sustained a major fire loss event on March 30, 2022.

Immediately following the loss, it was identified that structural stability had been compromised within certain areas of the building and other potentially hazardous elements were present requiring immediate attention. As such, from structural hazards standpoint, we were called to act in the capacity of the Prime Contractor to commence, perform and administer abatement and selective demolition work through the entire project. This involved removal and safe disposal of all flooring, drywall, mechanical, electrical, roofing and many other components within this building. Upon completion of our scope, the 4th floor was removed and all materials had been stripped down to the studs in preparation for rebuilding to hopefully bring back residents to their homes.

Terrace Management Group is engaged to manage and oversee all work pertaining to this scope. This included supervision of all responsibilities associated with the execution in relation to construction, subtrade activity and site supervision.

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